Have you ‘let yourself go’?

In those altered days of Zoom and Skype did you drop the ball a bit?  Now that you are smothered in a mask have you stopped bothering?  Combine this with baggy ‘lounge wear’ and you have a recipe for a perfect disaster.

You didn’t see anybody, go any where or do anything – so what was the point – right?!

Wrong – it matters.  It matters how you look, how you are and how you feel but not because of what others think – but because of what you think.  And it matters because we are coming out of all this.  It matters because now you can get your hair cut, your nails done and go to those shops you haven’t been in for months.

Take a good hard look in the mirror.  Are those trousers a bit more snug fitting?  (Yes, the ones that you have just got out of the cupboard for the first time in months).  Is that top stretched a bit tighter?  And how’s your fitness?  Still getting in those ten thousand steps every day?  Picking up some weights perhaps?  And how about your abs – when did you last check how long you can hold a plank for?

Right – here we go – you have a choice (well, in fact, you have several choices)

• You can do nothing (not recommended!)

• You can go back to the gym and go bonkers with a huge regime – for approximately one week by which time you will be exhausted / sore and despondent

• You can get help with a programme that is both achievable and sustainable.  With an appropriate and progressive regime you can be where you want to be.  It won’t happen over night (after all, it took time to get where you are now!) – but you can get fitter, sleep better and eat wisely again.

So, here’s the plan.

• Go back to the gym

• Ask for help

• Tip up regularly and keep to the programme

• Eat healthily (stop binging on crisps / chocolate etc etc)

• Cut out the excess alcohol

• Get some fresh air (aka walking)

• Reclaim your body and your life!

Enjoy your post lockdown freedom!