Are you puzzled?  You are told to keep the amount of sugar that you consume to a very low level and then you are told to eat fruit – and everyone knows that fruit has sugar in it – right?

We are going to take a good look at this whole sugar debate and leave you with some great tips.

First of all – why are we all trying to avoid sugar?  To answer this question we need to start by understanding what sugar is.  Basically, there are two types of sugar – refined and natural.

The white stuff that you put in your tea is refined sugar – made from sugar beet.  Sugar that is used to sweeten many processed foods is synthesized from corn and is known as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) .  HFCS is cheap and easy to add to food products.  If you don’t think a food has any sugar in it – just check the label – aim always to have 5% or less sugar per 100g of food product.

The examples above are the types of sugar to avoid.  Obviously, if you want to lose weight don’t put sugar in your tea – it has no nutritional value, it spikes your blood sugar and makes your pancreas work hard to deal with the sugar rush.  If you keep doing this (along with sugary cereals, biscuits, cakes and a whole variety of processed foods) then your poor pancreas will get worn out.  Then guess what happens?  Yep – here comes diabetes and all that that entails.

Fruit is a different matter.  Yes, there is sugar in fruit.  Natural sugar – not processed stuff.  So – I hear you say – ‘I’ll drink freshly squeezed orange juice’.  Please no – because the secret to sugar found in fruit is the way that it is metabolized.  Whole fruit contains fiber and this is what fills you up and gives your gut something to work on, stopping  you from overeating.  Your body has to break down the fruit to release the sugar – so you won’t get the ‘rush’ that you get from drinking fruit juice (or from eating processed sugar).  Therefore you won’t exhaust your pancreas!  Your blood sugar will rise when you eat fruit, but slowly and in a much more controlled way, helping you to feel full for longer.

Please eat your five a day – we all need the fiber and the vitamins – but cut out the processed stuff – check the labels.  Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are not the way to happiness – or to weight loss.  Sugar increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and makes losing weight practically impossible – not to mention bringing on those ‘slumps’ that come after a high sugar snack.  Make your body work for nutrients – you will get great results