Is building muscle one of your reasons for joining the gym? Are you looking to bulk up but feel that you’re not really getting anywhere? What if I told you, that if you changed just one thing during your workout, your results would increase dramatically. That one thing is intensity.

Muscle growth happens when you lift weights which breaks down the muscle, and growth results from over-compensating to protect the body from future stress. The process repeats and your muscles continue to grow, if you are putting enough stress on them.

To really stress your muscles, you need to push yourself in the gym or get one of our PTs to do it! If you really want to grow muscle, you should be pushing yourself to failure, where you really can’t do another rep. That doesn’t mean stopping when you’ve had enough, got bored or indeed fancy doing something else. It means stopping when you physically can’t do another rep. You want that last rep to be a real struggle, and then try to get another one! Just one word of caution, leave enough energy to lower the weight, we don’t want any injuries because you dropped the weight on yourself!

Your body does need time to rest and recover from your intense workouts, so make sure you give yourself at least one day off from lifting weights each week. Do something else that day, such as going for a walk or swimming, just nothing impactful.

As we have said before, don’t keep performing the same exercises over and over, your body will get used to them. Keep changing things, keep shocking your body and you will see results. Eat healthily, consume plenty of protein, lift heavy and lift with intensity, those gains will follow!