Ever fancy a quick pint? An odd glass of wine with your meal?

You could be in dangerous territory, remember what happens next? The edge is taken off and you’re away. One leads to another and then a packet of crisps and before you know where you are you are ordering a takeaway? And you have consumed your body weight in alcohol and processed foods.

So maybe I am exaggerating – however, let’s take a look at alcohol.
There are around 200 calories in a pint of lager, 600 in a bottle of red wine (not a home poured tub full!) and about 110 in a G&T (fewer if you have slimline) Ref – drinkstack.com So, if you have just the one and don’t add in any snacks – does it really matter?

That’s a great question – the answer isn’t straight forward. If it’s once a week and enjoyable, probably not. If it’s every night and done out of a sense of desperation because you are stressed, unhappy, too busy, too worried – then yes, it does matter.

If we leave aside issues around addiction and dependence, we can look at impact.

Calories in alcohol are ‘empty’. The calories in alcohol do not fuel your body. Extra calories get stored as fat. Ref – musclesandstrength.com. Calories in alcohol will not help you to perform better, live longer or think clearer (you know all this). Alcohol gives you a headache (as a minimum!). That’s because alcohol is a poison. That’s why you get a headache, vomit, get a hangover when you have too much. Ref NHS.com

Take home message? Is it worth it? Does that fuzz of temporary wellbeing justify the damage? Of course, its personal choice and dependent on your goals and motivation. If you want a healthy lifestyle and to minimize your risk of ill health – then keep your alcohol intake down. If you do choose to drink – know what you are doing and be aware of the impact on your body (and mind!)

I’m not preaching, I freely admit to enjoying a glass/bottle of wine but not very night. If I know that I am going to have a drink during the evening then I try and reduce my calorie intake for the rest of the day, so that those empty calories don’t impact the scales too much! It’s all about making an informed decision, we are adults after all.