It’s a question that we often hear.  You watch your food, you work out, you’ve cut down on your alcohol but you still don’t have the look that you are going for.

We are going to see why this might be.

First of all – are you completely realistic about what you can actually achieve?  Much as you might fancy looking like your idol – it just may not be possible.  Much of your body make up is genetically determined and nothing will make you into a supermodel or a competition winning body builder.  That said, you can successfully make changes to your body.

So why are you not getting results that you want?

  • Your body is bored – you keep doing the same thing – you know what we mean – every workout is the same. You don’t look for new exercises and you have a set routine to follow in the gym.  Your body will adapt to that and just won’t be challenged.  Shake it up – ask one of the staff if you need help or a new workout.
  • You cheat when you count calories – we’ve all done it – you assiduously record all the good stuff you eat and then ‘forget’ to add in the chocolate / biscuit / cake – declaring to yourself that it was only a little bit, it didn’t count and no one will know anyway. Well, you’re right – your Fitbit will not know – but you do –so however painful – count it.  If you want great results you will have to be honest with yourself
  • Your initial weight loss dropped your BMR and you haven’t recalculated – do you’ve worked really hard, dropped a stone or so and now you’re stuck. That’s because your calorie count was based on your previous Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and now that’s dropped – recalculate – realign your calorie deficit (yes, that means fewer calories if your aim is weight loss)  and keep lifting those weights – build muscles and keep your BMR high.
  • You are not progressing your weights – remember when you started and 5kg bicep curls were agony and the very thought of a 12 kg chest press made you feel faint? Well now you can do both with ease – so – time to ramp it up.  Heavier weights – if necessary drop the reps – but keep the progress going.
  • Your sleep routine isn’t working – sleep is vital to good body function. Drop the late nights, the binge TV and the constant scrolling.  Get a good routine going and stick to it – go light on alcohol and no caffeine after midday.
  • Your stress levels are high – all that cortisone will not help you to achieve your goals.  Build in some down time – do whatever calms you – meditate, read a book, go for a walk, talk to someone – just don’t bottle it up.
  • You are dehydrated if your pee is dark you’re not drinking enough – a dried up body just doesn’t metabolize well – 3 litres of water a day if you can.
  • Your diet is too full of simple carbs – we’ve said it before – and we will say it again – keep off the white stuff. Too much pasta, cake, sugary drinks, biscuits, crisps, chocolate and rice and you’re done for.  Too many hits on the blood sugar levels, heavy insulin dump and spare stored as fat – leave out the simple stuff.
  • You are not every day active – relying too heavily on one or two gym sessions won’t cut it. Our bodies are made to move – and that’s what needs to happen – keep up your step count, sweep the path, rake the garden, wash the car – just keep moving.
  • Don’t ruin it with a weekend binge – you know the feeling – it gets to Friday and you’re done for. You hit the wine and the settee and the take away menu.  Please don’t – you have worked hard all week – don’t ditch it now.  Have a treat by all means – ONE glass of wine / a beer.  One piece of cake and that’s the lot – don’t binge – it will take all of the next week to get back on track.
  • And remember – you can’t train out a bad diet – 85% of weight management is dependent on what you eat – no amount of weights or cardio will balance out rubbish food.

Eat well – train hard and keep moving !  Get the results you want