Our gym is for everyone, don’t just take our word for it!

I’ve belonged to gyms in the past. I was one of those people who’d pay for membership, but then never go to the gym. It wasn’t something I enjoyed, so it was easier to just not go. That changed for me when I began getting personal training sessions. Steve makes sure each session is different and he challenges me with realistic expectations. The gym itself has a variety of equipment in a clean setting with a diverse membership who always make me feel welcome. Because of personal training, I attend the gym regularly and I know I am on the road to a healthier lifestyle. No more wasted memberships for me!


“I was introduced to Forefront fitness gym a number of years ago by a friend who knew one of the owners and I have never looked back. Steve is an excellent personal trainer who is always happy to help me achieve where I want to get to in my fitness by producing new routines so I always stay motivated. The personal trainers and staff are always happy to help, join in a chat if you so wish and provide excellent advice to suit any fitness or health needs. I love reading their newsletters I receive which give healthy recipes and different exercises.


“The prospect of joining a gym was quite daunting for my Wife and I, as she had never set foot in one and it had been a good few years since I had. From the moment we walked in, Steve’s warm welcome dissolved our fears and he instilled confidence in the equipment with his knowledgeable and friendly induction. In just a few weeks my wife and I not only have the confidence to walk into the gym alone, we look forward to it. Whilst quite small, the gym has everything we need and I’m already seeing results and feeling better about myself.


“Forefront Fitness is a small, friendly, and helpful gym. Since joining I have noticed, and so have others, increased mobility levels and sense of wellbeing. I am able to exercise as much as I feel able and advised on exercises to treat any health problems relating to movement or lack of.


Steve has created a warm and friendly atmosphere in the gym. There is no need to be a keep fit fanatic or have a perfect body to join. All ages and body types are made welcome and gently encouraged to exceed their own expectations. Increasing your fitness level makes such a difference to the whole of your life and Forefront Fitness is one of the best places I have used to help with the journey.

Janice K

I have belonged to the Bluntisham gym since having an accident three years ago. The gym is small and friendly with plenty of equipment to complete many different exercises. When I first joined I was able to do very little, but was continually encouraged to stretch myself and move on to greater things. I have now managed to return to almost complete mobility and they still encourage me to achieve more. I really enjoy my sessions there and would readily recommend anyone else to try it out. IT’S GREAT!

Tim B

Great Personal support and encouragement EVERY VISIT. Ongoing development and goal stretching. Over the last 2 and a half years this has changed my life.

Joan O